by Neil Summerour
Young, playful, loopy, flirty. Flirt Script® carves out a niche for itself by concentrating on natural writing tendencies and not the simplified mechanics of script-to-font type design. A free-flowing monoline, the two weight typeface exploits the common letter-to-letter transitions of the typical cursive hand by utilizing three variable-height strike points controlled within the machinations of OpenType Contextual Alternates. The ease of writing (and the decisions made from letter to letter) is reflected as the structure and cadence of the writing evolves as the user types.

Flirt Script® is equipped for complex, conscientious, professional typography. As an exclusively OpenType release, these fonts feature over 2700 glyphs and an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages. So, to really let the font perform for you, be sure to have Contextual Alternates activated.

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Seriously, did you think I would continue with the sexual innuendo and cutesy, flirty phrases like I did with the Lust Series? Sorry to disappoint, I desparately try not to be a one-trick pony ;-)

Oh, and I don't plan on making this minisite using a webfont version of Flirt Script… sigh.

Everything, seriously, everything on this minisite is copyrighted or trademarked by at least one person… yes, even the names… I seriously might even trademark the air I'm breathing right now, so watch out.

So, it goes without saying that All Rights are Reserved and All Wrongs will be brutally Avenged.